3 Shires manufacture many ATM related products from plinths, scar plates, secure doors, ATM housings and many more, our in house research and development team have the capabilities to create exactly what you require, we are happy to work with you involve you and much welcome your input to whatever degree you wish.

We also offer:

  • Research & Development
  • High Security Plinth
  • Standard Plinth
  • Base Plates
  • Scar Plates
  • Aperture Blanking Plates
  • ATM Secure Housings (Internal & External)
  • Security Bollards
  • QR Scanner Kits
  • Device Security Upgrades
  • Branding Including Lighting, Acrylics Bespoke Decals And Vinyl wraps
  • ATM Surrounds
  • Secure Doors

We cover the whole of the United Kingdom including the Shetland and Channel Islands and offer a range of industry leading products and services from research and development to ATM refurbishment and disposal, using our full knowledge of the industry to ensure the highest level of security when dealing with all aspects of ATM management.